2021 – Departure into the new being — Earth and Spirit – Newsletter January 2021

Dear friends, dear interested people!

The spiritually and humanly very exhausting and demanding transition year 2020 is now behind us and with 2021 the first year of manifested ascension begins.

I know my last newsletter is a bit behind, but for me the 4th quarter of 2020 was so spiritually demanding that there was simply no room for another newsletter and also many other things. I was simply busy most of the time with integrating the extremely heavy energetic „downloads“ from the spiritual world and with inner detachment processes. A process that needs a lot of time and silence, as some of you surely know from your own experience.

In particular, the period from the end of November until the winter solstice 2020 on 21.12.2020 was energetically particularly challenging for many of us, because the unconditional surrender to Ascension and the dissolution of duality were finalized, i.e. completed, for me and other ascenders of the first wave in a certain way.

I have already described in previous newsletters how ascension always progresses in such a way that first a decision is made on the soul or spirit level and this slowly „works its way down“ to the lowest level, which is the material level.

For me, these processes have been going on for 20 years, i.e. since 2000/2001, but I know from contact with many other spiritual people that they too often went through the same processes and decision points at the same time as I did. This is a sign that ascension is a collective event and does not only affect individuals.

In my newsletter archive at http://www.erde-und-geist.de/weisheit.html you are welcome to follow how the Ascension unfolded from my point of view and what nodes we went through in the individual periods of time and what they meant for us and our path.

Now in 2020, Ascension was finally anchored on the „human level.“ Exactly what that means to each individual depends on when you joined the Ascension process and how far along you are in the process currently.

For me, it was the point at which I had to finally decide whether I am willing to completely give up human existence (if necessary) in order to enter the light, or whether ensuring abundance or experiencing the outer world is still more important to me in case of doubt than being in the light.

I want to experience the new and have decided to let go without knowing exactly what it means for the human level.

What I know for sure in terms of Ascension is that I – who I really am – am always and eternally and physical humanity is only a hologram (mind game), i.e. not really me.

This knowledge, what I call „awakening„, I have acquired in the past years of my path through intensive search and is now my support without which I could not have made this decision to advance into the unknown.


What I know about the Ascension

Dear readers,

many times the „victory of the light“ on the outer level, i.e. for the planet earth, is predicted by different sources.

Unfortunately, I personally am not shown exactly what will be on the outside, or whether the light will reign on this world in the future, i.e. the reign of darkness on the outside will really be replaced, also because of my perfect devotion path in this respect.

I also listen with interest to what other spiritual sources have to say about the outer ascension or the decision of the collective. However, from my point of view I cannot say whether they are really inspired (which I hope) or whether it is only human wishful thinking (analogous to the year 2012), which leads these people to their very positive statements.

For a victory of the light in the outside there must be in any case a critical mass of souls who agree with it. For in duality only light or darkness can prevail. One side always has the upper hand, even though both light and darkness always exist in duality.

By the way, for your own perfect ascension it is irrelevant what happens on earth. It is only important what happens inside you, as I will show in a moment.

On the soul level we are always safe

My highest realization is that we are pure spirit and that being human is only a hologram (mind game).

On the soul level we are always free, i.e. nobody can force us there to believe or be something we do not want to be.

If we go from the soul level one level „down“ into the identification, then our well-being is already attached to conditions, so that we can exist and feel comfortable.

The soul or pure being is always here and always always unchanged. The pure being is completely untouched by the world, i.e. by the mind (thought).

If we succeed in seeing ourselves as what we really are – i.e. our original face – through right vision, we see that we always are, always were and always will be. We see that we are not subject to any changes.

We see that the world and all worldly experiences are only thoughts and that we do not have to follow thoughts if we do not want to.

And when thoughts cease, so does experience….

If we dissolve everything down to the bottom, that is, to our original face, we are absolutely free from any experience that was previously sorrowful and limiting.

There also arises through this freedom space for a completely new game, just as we wish….

„When the belief in a content of consciousness ends, the thoughts about it end. When the subconscious and conscious thoughts of a content of consciousness end completely, it dies and the experience of that content of consciousness ends.“


What ascension means (to me):

„This world is a place of ambiguity and imperfection; man is not destined to find lasting peace and happiness here. Rather, souls are sent to earth to shed their deceptive mortal form and regain the expression of their divine nature.“ – Paramahansa Yogananda [1]


I have said before that I do not know what will happen on the outer plane in this current space-time. It is also not shown to me so that I just go totally into devotion.

Therefore, I cannot promise or assure you anything for the outside.

However, I know a sure way how you will be untouched by possible bad exits in the outer world.

I point you to your highest reality, in which you are already safe.

Anchoring yourself in it is 100% safe and successful, it is the highest ascension and gives you absolute freedom.

It is also at the same time the truth about your being.


Highest level of freedom


Soul level:
Here I am free from all external conditions. Nobody can force me to believe in something (create) or to be something I don’t want to be. I am completely untouched by the world (thoughts) and worldly experiences. From here, I can recreate or attract any imaginable experience completely in accordance with me.
The soul level
is the true individual I, the real human being as „image of God„.
Reduced level of freedom (reduction of consciousness) Identification with physical humanity:
Here I am dependent on external conditions. For example, in order for me to experience myself as happy, I need an environment in which I can unfold in harmony with the human form. I can only co-create the external world. The majority determines predominantly, what the external reality and thus also my reality is. If I am e.g. strongly permanently restricted from the outside, I experience suffering. Through identification with form, I am trapped in space-time and its respective current circumstances (Zeitgeist) and lose the infinite possibilities of the soul to experience myself in arbitrary scenarios of space and time or emptiness.
Healing possible through:
Concentration on my true self = dissolving self-chosen limitations in space-time.


It is a level where no one but you can determine your destiny and where, when you are fully anchored there again, you can choose any experience you like.

Is it an ascension with the physical body here on this earth?

After we let go of everything, will we return to the physical experience here on earth? Do we then have the power to live free from oppression? Or will we go to another earth? Is it the purpose of being to exist physically at all, or do we leave the experience of this plane for good when we can?

This is now the revelation of the coming ascension years starting in 2021 to show what the truth is for us here.

There are theoretically three different ways to accomplish ascension:

  1. victory of the light in one’s own inner and outer world and victory/rule of the light in the outer external world, i.e. + successful planetary ascension.
  1. victory of the light in the own inside and outside and continued domination of the darkness in the outer external world. The enlightened one lives here in his own unassailable 5D bubble, as e.g. it was with Buddha.
  1. victory of light in one’s own inner and outer world and disembodiment from planet earth with subsequent incarnation in another physical earth or light-filled astral dimension.

This case occurs when it is so desired, e.g. in the case of a planetary descent, where most of the light forces are withdrawn from a planet according to the law of resonance.


Why a complete letting go is ALWAYS the condition for any ascension, on this earth or elsewhere, physical or non-physical.


All three ascension scenarios sound quite different, but it is basically the same ascension.

In all cases, one ascends beyond the sense world into the deep stillness of being.

Ascension means independence from external conditions in the sense that the ascended person never has to compromise his or her own deepest heart truth.

Thus, ascension provides the ascended soul with a freedom from identification with matter and also from the collective spirit/mass mind through the attainment of one’s own divinity. [2]

However, what differs in the three scenarios described above (1.,2. and 3.) are the choices of other souls, i.e. the course of the outer world. Possibilities 2. and especially 3. are, by the way, only really very difficult to accept for the human ego and therefore also difficult to imagine [3], but from the soul’s point of view actually no problem at all.

To explain this, for this possibility No.3, „Own ascent at planetary descent“, an example.

„Imagine that you are in a room where other people want to argue and fight with each other all the time and practice disharmony. Now, because of the principle of free will in the room, you can’t force another person to stop fighting if they don’t want to and realize it from deep within themselves.

But if you yourself are striving for harmony and there is really no one else in that room, the best solution is to simply leave the room and go somewhere else where it is better.“

By the way, the law of resonance „as within, so without“ always leads you with mathematical precision to where you yourself vibrate, or are.


To be truly free, you must create the same condition for all three possibilities of ascension: A complete inward overcoming of the old matrix, a complete „standing outside“. A non-dependence on the pleasures of the old matrix, i.e. the pleasures of the senses [4]. A being free from all desires to experience oneself within the old matrix….

As long as one e.g. inwardly sets the condition that one must remain physically alive, one has honestly not yet given up everything and is inwardly also not completely free from the view of the true „I“, the soul (consciousness).

It remains then still the possibility just this attachment to let go, because the attachment to the earthly life is not your highest (enlightened) truth. You are indeed completely free…

However, if you give up everything, the possibility also arises to completely lose the outer human life. Because what is the meaning afterwards, results just only by letting go.

Only the spiritual survival is always absolutely sure. But also to be able to see this, for many a process of spiritual recognition lasting for years is necessary. By the way, it was the same for me…

If one does not let go of everything, one remains limited to the mentally imagined human body and its possibilities. One then remains dependent on its conditions through attachment.

If one lets go of everything, then one transcends this matrix and positions oneself outside of space and time.

If one returns from there into the humanity, as e.g. Buddha did it, one gets according to my vision the possibility to bring into this material world something which lies completely outside of this world. One becomes a bridge between heaven and earth, between being and not-being.

Questions about what the meaning of life is, whether the meaning is to experience oneself also as a physical human being or not, are finally answered only by the total surrender and the complete handing over of the human being to God.

The answer becomes possible only in this way, only when one no longer holds on to anything can one look beyond the known limits.

Now it doesn’t matter whether letting go serves to expand the experience of being human (which exists only in thought) by the dimension of ascension or whether letting go serves to leave the physical plane for good and to experience oneself differently.

In either case, everything must be let go of in order to create space to end the old and make the new possible.

Stop for a moment and become aware of this fact.

You see, it is exactly the same. As long as you are attached to the physical existence and want to fight to remain there, you cannot leave this matrix. You can then neither really transform it nor become free from its effects.

Therefore the spiritual path is in the last consequence a complete at least inner „death“. Only by the dying of the old the new can arise!

So the old has to go completely…


The rise of Jesus Christ as a case study.

„Jesus accepted his painful role of death on the cross to show that the earth is not his kingdom-and that for all souls the material world is not their kingdom-by proving his immortality despite the crucifixion of the body.“ – Paramahansa Yogananda [5]


In the past, Jesus Christ preceded us as an ascender. His way was also to fully surrender attachment to his physical being, which he did on the cross.

Jesus also lived in a time when the light on the outside could not really triumph. The majority of souls around him, at that time, were not ready for a true change in the outside, that is, an earth where love reigns.

Jesus was and is so perfect in love that he was and is a real spiritual leader of humanity.

Jesus showed in his love that he did not insist on his physical perishable humanity, his temporal role, and his rightful position as the real leader („King of the Jews“), but he gave his body in love to the decision of souls and the will of God.[6]

It was also his final test to complete transcendence. Through this sacrifice he went beyond this world and all that is in it.

He showed that after the passing of his body he had power over it and revived it anew.

He appeared physically to his disciples and they could also physically touch his resurrected body.

He thus showed that death is not the end.

Jesus indicated to us that he would come again in due time.

However, this second coming is to happen within us this time.

It is happening now in this time of ascension!


By the way, the book of „Revelation“ in the Bible indicates that the Kingdom of God will ultimately come in the physical world as well.

However, will it happen now or will we leave this world behind?

We can only experience it if we follow the same path as Jesus Christ and let go of all attachments to earthly life and surrender everything else to the will of God.


What will happen in 2021?

Preview for all people who have not yet completely replaced duality on the soul level in the year 2020.

For most people 2021 will be a year of uncoverings and realizations with the possibility to find oneself and one’s own position in the light of these uncoverings and now also with the urgent request to do this.

It is to be expected in the outside with further continued and intensified restrictions, e.g., because of „Corona“.

The development of mankind is also heading for a bottleneck.

If the inner reality with all its inherent forces is not recognized and lived, now also a gradual permanent loss of the outer freedom and a becoming dominated by technology and people who own this technology and the capital behind it is threatening. Keywords like „cyberpunk“, „transhumanism“ (fusion of man and machine), „neo-feudalism“ and „structural democracy“ [7] describe such a terrible vision of the future.

Already, this version of the world, decoupled from the soul, is being prepared by a powerful financial elite in conjunction with compliant politicians, and threatens to become a reality for all those who have no interest in their souls and their powers.

The escalating events in the outside world are necessary to bring in the soul harvest of humanity in this ascension.

For many, the events in the outside make visible what is light and what is shadow. This creates an opportunity to make a choice.

Always you can ask yourself in the process, „Do I choose fear or love?“

If I want to hold on to purely external appearances in 2021, i.e. my „old life“, I will have problems, because the time for compromises and „comfort zones“ is as good as over in the strong ascension energy, which will also become stronger in 2021.

The year 2021 is a year of inner awakening and change.

The divine energy wants to lead you into your self-authority and power. See you thereby as soul and not as body, then you see your freedom.

But if I don’t want to know about this and instead hold on to the limiting identification with form, I will be tossed around by the coming events and won’t find the right answer. I then run the risk of becoming the plaything of other interests.

Time now requires more and more to position oneself with the ascent or against the ascent. Am I ready for a real change?

For those souls who have already inwardly discarded duality in 2020:

The year 2021 is all about holding on to your own soul truth.

It is a steady energetic discarding of what has already been decided before.

So the allowing of the detachment of the old structures and with it renewed and reaffirmed the final „detachment“ of the soul path around the time of the winter solstice 2020.

This must continue to be practiced until the old energy has been completely dissolved.

Until that happens, the old is still repeating itself on an energetic level, despite the fact that the soul decision has already been made. With the power of faith you manage to overcome this wall until you arrive in the new.

Therefore, those who have already recognized themselves should now hold on to their true self, no longer allow themselves to be shaken and persevere until the end comes.

Through this, the ascension will be accomplished and the truth will be revealed in its final meaning.

The final questions will be answered and the true meaning of life will be revealed.

The events outside will constantly act as a test of one’s steadfastness. Do not let yourself be diverted from your soul truth any longer!


No matter how your personal way here looks exactly: I wish you a lot of light, power and strength of heart for your personal ascent into the light!

In love in the light,


PS: Please also pay attention to my posts on my blog, which are not included in the newsletters: https://erde-und-geist.de/blog/ . The texts there are often in German. For a translation into English I recommend the use of www.deepl.com.



1] – Paramahansa Yogananda – „The Second Coming of Christ“, Volume II, 2004, Self Realization Fellowship, English edition here translated into German, p.1468

2] Divinity is one’s anchoring and acting from a position beyond space and time.

3] What one rejects or does not want to have, one imagines, as is well known, only reluctantly.

4] From the enlightened point of view, the world of the senses exists only in the mind. The world is the mind. Joy (Ananda), however, is beyond the mind, the pure non-dual joy of being, it is independent of the coming and going of the world or independent of the mind.

5] – Paramahansa Yogananda – „The Second Coming of Christ“, Volume II, 2004, Self Realization Fellowship, English edition translated here into German, p.1468

6] There are spiritual people who believe and even channel that Jesus did not die on the cross. However, much speaks for the fact that he has actually given away his body on the cross in order to revive this then later again. Also interesting in this regard are the remarks of the Indian saint Paramahansa Yogananda, who is very well known in the West, in his book „The Second Coming of Christ.“

He writes here:

„Rationalizing minds have maintained that when Jesus was crucified he did not really die, but remained in a temporary state of suspended animation and was later revived (or taken from the tomb by his disciples and revived) […]. Spiritually, I know that Jesus completely left his body after the crucifixion. […]. That Jesus could rebuild his body at will after death was only possible because his soul was freed from the three bodies [Note Damodar: Physical, Astral, Causal]. Having achieved complete ascension in spirit, he possessed the creative power of spirit to bring specialized life back to his deceased body, to regenerate its cells, and to bring that form back to life and breath. […] This is what Jesus did.“

– Paramahansa Yogananda – „The Second Coming of Christ“, Volume II, 2004, Self Realization Fellowship, English edition translated here into German, p.1506 ff


7] Worldwide massive global technological and societal structures capture, regulate and digitalize the life of every human being. Few determine the parameters. Breaking out of the structure does not seem possible, because everything becomes global and digital. Artificial intelligence surpasses the intelligence of unenlightened humans. Humans are predictable and controllable in cyberpunk. Overcoming the looming „structureocracy“ is only possible by integrating the human soul into life. We have to become aware of our true divine greatness again. Thereby we transcend our own limitation by form. We also become unpredictable in a certain way through our divinity and break the visible and invisible fetters.


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