20 years of spiritual path in overview – Earth and Spirit Newsletter August 2020

20 years of spiritual path in overview – Earth and Spirit Newsletter August 2020


Dear friends, dear interested people!


This newsletter should be a little different than usual. Today I want to give a quick overview of some important insights from my 20 years on the spiritual path. May they reflect your own insights and/or encourage you for further immersion into your true nature.


Instructions for reading:

The individual cognitions are listed by me in brief with small verbal explanations.


Don’t let it be an obstacle for you if you cannot yet understand some passages in this newsletter. Just read through the section and move on. You may be able to confirm another section for you earlier and you will understand it and have access to it.


I don’t want to hold anything back in this newsletter and just give all the information, knowing that some secrets are not immediately revealed on the spiritual path for everyone. Practically speaking, the entanglements or identification with mental content are often so massive for many people that the truth cannot be fully revealed immediately.


Nevertheless, in principle the truth is fully present and accessible to everyone from the beginning. It is however in most cases evenly a way in the time necessary, in order to be able to find itself again consciously in itself.


Spiritual texts in general describe the great mystery. Therefore please also pay attention to the


Imperfection of words

„The sense that can be expressed is not the eternal sense.
The name that can be called is not the eternal name“
– Tao Te King, 1,1


The true meaning of the often contradictory sounding spiritual texts (such as „Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven“ – Jesus) is only revealed to the seeker when he walks the spiritual path.


Everything I write here must be experienced, recognized and lived through by yourself in order to be truly authentic knowledge.


Sense of words

Although words are so imperfect, they are also the only way to pass on knowledge in the form of a written letter, as the Earth and Spirit Newsletter is.


So, and now to the individual insights or pearls of wisdom.


Wisdom from twenty years of my intensive spiritual path


The true self (the source):

Shining from itself, it illuminates all things and emptiness.

It contains everything and yet is always free and untouched by all objects.

Not the slightest trace of change exists in the true self.

It is neither large nor small, neither wide nor narrow, neither high nor deep.

It has no beginning nor does it have an end.

It was not created, but it creates all things itself.

It is all that exists, and yet it does not consist of parts.

It is completely homogeneous and yet has no form.

It has neither an inside nor an outside.

It is neither here nor there and yet always everywhere.

It never was or is absent, nor will it be absent.

The true self is the witness of all things, but itself not a thing, it contains all things.

Through the intellect it cannot be seen, for

the mind itself is only an object in the self.

The true self, that is truly me.


The individual soul:

The soul is an individualized aspect of the true self.

An imaginary line, where in reality there are no lines.

It is part of the great game we call life and enables

the great One, what we really are, to experience ourselves as many.

The soul is, so to speak, „my“ individual self, although this is also an illusion, for I am truly everything.

Each soul corresponds to a unique aspect of the Divine.

No soul is like another and yet all are one.

The body and the human personality are not the soul, but only a mental creation of the soul.

The individual soul is an image of God and endowed with creative power. A liberated soul recognizes

its true nature in every moment and is free from all mental illusions.


The ego:

The ego is the fruit of not recognizing my oneness with God and my true nature.

The Ego is the identification with thoughts that are in reality only my creation.

But thoughts are limited and come and go, they are transitory.

But I am the soul or the eternal self and always free from thoughts.

The ego does not let me see the truth until I seriously question it in my heart.

As long as I follow the ego, I will produce suffering, for the ego is born of untruth and therefore

always produces only untruth.


He whom you see with eyes, I am not (and neither are you):

Human senses cannot see what is behind the scenes.

Created and consisting only of thoughts, they can only look out into creation, but never inward to the origin.

This looking into the source happens only through the seer himself. It is a looking beyond time and space.

All that is created is set aside. It is only obstructive in this vision.

If you want to experience with a pure heart who you really are and not be disturbed by the desire for the transient exterior,

the eternal truth will finally be revealed to you.


Everything is One:

This high truth is incomprehensible to the human mind.

For it cannot be seen directly through this medium.

Thinking is called primal dividing.

Humility of the heart is the gate to the recognition of the high truths.

Through humility the soul’s direct view of things as they are opens. Beyond the temporal and spatial.

When unity is recognized, the seer recognizes the place of the mind and one’s own personality in life and creation.

The truth of oneness is inwardly known and yet it cannot be explained or revealed in words.

There is no separation.

Everything is consciousness and everything is one.

However, as long as I see life through the false glasses of the ego, I will not be able to see unity either.

But if my heart is pure, that is, if I have a genuine interest in the truth (question: Who am I?), my true nature will be revealed.

There is no separation, we are not only connected to each other, no, we are truly one.

I am you.



Everything I do to others, I do to myself.

There are no others, everything is me.

Sooner or later I experience as an effect what I do to myself.

There is no time.

Nothing ever happens in the true self.



Time is a mental illusion. I split myself into many things or the world in my thoughts.

Then I look at these things one after another. The process of looking at them one after the other and the identification with form (the „I“) creates the illusion of time and space.

Everything happens at the same time or in reality nothing ever happens.

In the end, the universe is only a thought game.


The human personality:

Thoughts that are always rectified and not questioned become habits, unquestioned habits become „my character“, an unquestioned character becomes my fate, an unquestioned fate becomes the experience of unconscious „reincarnation“.




Dream films of thoughts with which I am identified create in me, the consciousness, the illusion of the imprisonment of life in time.

Everything created, however, consists of thoughts and has no real substance.

I myself am always here and unchanged.

I have never been immersed in life, never been stained by the world and all bad karma.

As long as I never question my thoughts and emotions (emotions are „frozen“ thoughts from the point of view of consciousness), it always continues unconsciously.

My attention then turns to the outside world of thoughts and I generate more thoughts. Thus I make the undergrowth denser…

Only when I look inside, I recognize what I really am and see through the illusion.

I look beyond all thoughts. This is how I break through the wall.

I was never here.


When I can recognize this, I gradually regain power over my thoughts. Now I can consciously create what I really want, one with the heart of god, free from unconscious constraints.

I have always been free.


Spiritual ascent:

Spiritual ascension is an event in the time when the „veil of forgetfulness“ is lifted and the true self is recognized and realized again.

There are partial and complete ascensions within a human life, depending on the soul’s choice. However, we are only discussing the complete ascent here.

Awakening is a divine grace that depends on our soul’s consent. It happens exclusively voluntarily, i.e. it is a „can“ but not a „must“.

When I choose ascension on the soul level, I wake up in its course more and more from the dream that I am only a mortal man and that the world is the absolute reality that limits me. I recognize my oneness with God.

A new life becomes possible through this, in which I can experience myself again as a creator and not as a victim.

By knowing who I really am, I become independent of having to draw my happiness from outer things and other people.

Through the recognition of the truth I become inwardly independent of physical life.

In ascension one leaves the „illusion of collective reality (3D)“, i.e. that others can have power over us. Every soul truly has free will.

I live, in the ascended state, in my inner being in bliss (Ananda), even if I am in a state of physical suffering on the outside.

This is, of course, a paradox from a „human perspective“.

In the ascended state one is completely one with God and life. One lives in the paradise of unity. In this state it is impossible to deliberately cause suffering to other beings.



Love is our true and real being.

Love is truth.

In love there is no fear.

In ordinary human existence there is light and shadow.

Joy and suffering alternate.

To follow the path of love in life leads us beyond the (imagined) limit of humanity into divinity.

For the path of love one needs a lot of courage. You have to learn to trust your heart (intuition).

If you follow the path of love, you can also sometimes be „disappointed“, illusions, i.e. „pre-conceptions“ can break. However, one should not be afraid of this, because such insights ultimately only make you stronger and bring more truth to the person.



Death exists only in thinking.

In reality you were never born, nor do you die.

You fear death, because you do not know who you are, and

because you cling to illusions and attach too much importance or significance to them.

Live a life in truth and love, do not bother with trivialities.

Search for your true self and the truth will reveal itself to you that there is no death for you.



Ordinary people think that freedom is being able to do and have what „I“ want.

Yet that is why there are so many conflicts and oppressions in the world.

Because the human ego or the lower (false) „I“ thinks and desires unlimitedly, while the physical earth is limited. The physical earth is a spiritual school, which lets us realize our oneness with everything…

So the problem is that you do not see who you really are.

The others are not really strangers and you are not just the individual ego.

The desires of the ego are not really my desires, it only seems so at first glance.

Cosmos means „order“ and the good is the higher good, the good that is good for everyone.

It is important to recognize oneself and to accept the place in the cosmos that one’s own individual „I“ should take in it. No more and no less.

Then the joy of love and true community is granted to one and, if one continues on this path, freedom from all earthly illusions (samadhi).

Bliss is a pure joy of being.

„I am“ does not have to work to be

Human life becomes a pure joy, playful, without being a burden to others.


True community:

Unconditional love among people will only exist when the unity of all is recognized and this recognition is given space in one’s own life through appropriate thinking, feeling and acting.

I recognize: In the end or in the long run, it is exactly those people who correspond to myself who fall to me.

As inside, so outside.

This means that if I want to be completely loved, I should love myself completely or rather set out on this path.

The perfect or enlightened community simply enjoys being together.

There is no need (sense of lack) for anything.


The human „unenlightened“ reality, however, is often characterized by a mixture of love and „relationships“.

„Relationship“ is not love in the true sense, it is a business.

You give me what I want and I give you what you want in return.

When it is no longer so, love often dies, too.

„Greed“ is a state of deficiency, if I still live in illusions of myself. If it is there, do not be angry, but do not remain there forever either.


An enlightened community sees the truth of itself and the other.

An intermediate stage towards an enlightened society is humanity in the heart chakra.

There you cannot yet fully recognize that you are divine, but love prevails among people. In such a society there is practically no lack any more.

Devotion to the guidance of the light, especially within yourself, leads you there and to the highest.

Always follow your conscience. Always stay in the light on your paths and you will be well protected and arrive safely.



Other fruits on the spiritual path / spiritual abilities:


The insights described above are only a small part of the total knowledge one has on this path. Of course, I can only discuss a small part here in this newsletter.

On the way, spiritual abilities usually appear as well. They are present in all of us. It is not true that you have to be born with them in order to have them. Everyone can develop them through his love and unconditional devotion to the truth.


Here are some examples:

Strongly increased empathy or the ability to feel the feelings of other people, often over great distances.

Energy sensitivity. The ability to perceive energy or consciousness in all things. For example, the flow of life energy in trees, the vibrating energy of the earth on a lawn. The ability to feel the consciousness in stones or things. The feeling of astral (subtle) and other energies…

Ability to see the future or the past. If the consciousness adjusts to it and it is coherent, it is possible to see things coming or past. Also the view into past lives belongs to it.

Ability to recognize the truth of things and people often intuitively. The more you are in the now, the more you recognize the truth of all things and cannot be lied to as often as someone who is unconscious.

Direct consciousness communication. Ability to communicate with animals or humans via energy/consciousness.

Spiritual healing powers. The ability to harmonize energies in other people and to bring about positive changes. This happens when the other soul agrees, it is in harmony and in tune with the whole.

Ability to shape reality consciously. Through correct alignment of the consciousness, in harmony with the whole, things and situations can be consciously drawn or brought into the life of the practitioner. This is also called „manifesting“. Everyone has this ability, but it is greatly enhanced by spirituality because the mind is more concentrated.

Contact with the beyond and other worlds. The ability to sense the deceased and other beings from other dimensions and to make contact with them.

Being able to see the potential of other people and the potential of their soul’s path. Although every person is different and every path is different and because of the cosmic game some things – wanted by God – always remain hidden for outsiders. Nevertheless, it is often possible for a spiritual person to find out a lot about the potential and the (ideal) soul path of another person through his realization of unity – I am you.

The ability to intuitively recognize higher connections in life situations. E.g. to see why these people and situations fall to you. Which task is contained in them. To recognize that everything has a meaning and a higher purpose. Cosmos means order. As inside so outside. Everything is my mirror image.

This is only a small part of it. Even greater and higher forces such as „bi-allocation, the ability to be in two places at once“, direct immediate materialization of objects from the ether, etc. will be unlocked when we as humanity fully ascend.



I hope you enjoyed my little introduction to spirituality and encouraged you to set yourself on the journey to your own divinity, i.e. if you are not already on the path!


The fruits of self-knowledge that you receive on the spiritual path will remain with you forever, that is, beyond this earthly life. They are truly your spiritual heritage.


Earthly things, on the other hand, decay, just as everything in this transitory world sometime decays.


It is not wise to direct one’s whole attention to the acquisition of possessions, etc., and to neglect the spiritual world completely.


It is important to keep the right balance. The fastest and most harmonious development is often to stand in the middle of life and at the same time to focus completely on love and truth.


In this sense!


Bright greetings,

Your Damodar Bernhard Goller


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